4 Moments

Hopefully by the end of this month I’ll have passed my exam for the second module in my photography classes. It was at the start of this module that we got the task to search for an interesting landscape or building in the area. So I went looking for a location using google maps/streetview to scout and driving around by bike.

However the real assignement was to take 4 pictures of that location at different moments in time. As you can see in the following pictures I had several  locations in mind before settling with the final one. In those pictures it’s already clear that light circumstances at different moments have a great impact.

Not far away from the first location I found an old sheep shed with a huge tree in the background. The direction of the landscape was ideal for a sunset picture around the end of october. It was only after I took that picture I decided I would stick with this view.

This exercise looked quite simple a first, but was actually a lot harder than expected. And there is also some luck and patience involved to have great lighting. I went back a dozen times under different weather and light circumstances before I had the final four.

The final four


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