Photography lessons

I was very excited when the 2nd photography module started in september. In the first module we had an all-round introduction to photography. The main focus was on the technical aspects of photography: camera functionality, exposure triangle and some basic composition. But this semester we would get an introduction to landscape, architecture, macro and flash photography. On the technical side we would learn how to use a flashunit and basic accessoiries.

At the moment the semester is nearing its end and I must say it was great. It was a fun group and we had an awesome teacher ( I learned a lot in the last few months, especially how to control and use light to make interesting photographs. Following these lessons also triggers me to think more about how to capture a scene and move away from those snapshot photos.

During the semester we got three major assignments:

  • 4 photos of the same location with different lighting
  • 5 photos using different flash techniques
  • 5 photos forming a coherent collection

In my previous blogpost you can already find the result of my first assignement. The other two will be posted in the upcoming weeks. Below you can find some of my pictures taken during last semesters lessons.


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