In august I went on a boat trip on the North Sea. The target was the offshore wind farms on the Thorntonbank approximately 30km from the coast. Visibility that day wasn’t great and the sea was a bit on the rough side, but that didn’t stop us.

Source: De Tijd, 5 augustus 2010


The first farm, called C-Power, went into operation in 2009 which was at the time one the first large offshore wind farms in the world. Today, close to 300 windmills are producing +1000 MW which is about 5% of the Belgian power generation. There are plans to expand that capacity by building new farms more located in the western part of the belgian waters.
Vrt Nws: Tien jaar windenergie op zee: België is bij grootste vijf spelers ter wereld


Below you can see some of the pictures I made during the boat trip. Which was quite risky at times, camera’s and salty seawater don’t mix very well 🙂


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